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Description of Colony

Colong Station is a remote private property located within the Colong Sector of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, ninety minutes south-east of Oberon.
The station is owned and operated by Gavan and Amanda McDowell.

Our ambition is to conserve the endangered pure dingo and educate the broader community about our preservation efforts; to share the iconic dingo and to gain a further understanding of this unique Australian animal.

The Colong Colony is the only DNA proven pure captive dingo breeding program in Australia under the charter of the Australasian Regional Association Zoological Parks And Aquaria [ARAZPA].

We provide dingoes to zoos and fauna parks across Australia and internationally.

The dingo colony represents all three types of dingo: alpine,desert and northern.
The dignoes are housed in large open enclosures either in breeding pairs or family groups. The design of the enclosures encourages and supports natural dingo behaviour.

You are very welcome to visit us but entry is by appointment. A small entry fee is payable on arrival. for details or write to PO Box 146, OBERON NSW 2787

You will need to travel 90 kms of unsealed dirt road to reach us. 4WD is recommended. However the journey is worth the effort as we are located in a beautiful Australian bush environment.

The Colong mob welcomes you!

Environmental Enrichment of Captive Dingoes

Environmental enrichment is a key element of any animal husbandry and encourages and supports the natural behaviour particular to each species by effectively utilising available enclosure space and design.

Enrichment revolves around food or touch or smell that stimulates the mind of the animal. Display furniture and fixtures are constructed with this in mind.

Dingoes like heights

Dingoes like height. Platforms and hay bales placed in the yards allow for a variation in height and vantage points. Care is taken to have a series of steps going down as jumping from heights may cause injuries.