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The dingo has physical characteristics that are quite different to the domestic dog.

The dingo is equipped with strong jaws, a large head, alert, almond-shaped eyes, erect ears, narrow chest and shoulders, a proportionate body and a bottle-shaped tail for balance. In all, the characteristics for a successful hunter. Dingoes have demonstrated great adaptability to the harsh Australian conditions and the different climatic regions, habitats and resources that exist here.

Height: Average dingo height range 44-63cm at the shoulder
Weight: Average body weight range 13-20kg.

Height, weight and coat density may vary depending on the sex and location of the animal. For example, northern dingoes lack a thick undercoat.

There are three geographical types of dingoes.

Alpine dingo

Alpine Dingo

Alpine dingoes appear larger in stature and carry a thick double coat which is mostly noticeable

Desert dingo

Desert Dingo

The desert dingo appears more compact and smaller in stature. Desert dingoes also carry a double coat. Note, the dingo in this photo is shedding his winter coat.

Northern dingo

Northern Dingo

The northern dingo has a racy-lean appearance as it is finer in stature. Northern dingoes lack the thick undercoat seen in the desert and alpine dingoes.

The color of the dingo is pale cream, black and tan and ginger [ranging from sandy yellow to red ginger]. All colour types show lighter shades on the throat, on the inside leg, on the under belly and under the tail.

Black and tan dingoes have points varying from tan to cream on the feet, inside the legs, on the chest, the throat, the cheeks, the eyebrows and the vent.

All colours will often have white markings restricted to the feet, chest spot, under the side of the neck, the underbelly and the tail tip. Other coat colours and patterns often indicate hybridization.

White and cream dingoBlack and tan dingoGinger dingo