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Dingoes communicate in unique ways.

Just as they are physically different from domestic dogs, they also communicate in a way that is quite distinct and different from domestic dogs that we know today.

Below are some soundscapes of dingoes recorded at the Colong Colony. We hope you enjoy them.

An evening song
Crickets begin an evening chorus. A single dingo calls. Another joins in and then another. The crescendo builds and then fades. The crickets sing on alone.

Dominant pup suckling
Even at a few days old, this pup is clearly establishing his dominance. There are four other pups also feeding at the same time but only one can be heard. Establishing personal ranking in the dingo family is an important part of their social order. Wild bees and a Kookaburra can be heard in the background.

More pups suckling
Several pups can be heard in this sample. Sound was recorded in their den at night and no other sounds can be heard. All are obviously enjoying a good meal.