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See new Kidzone Photo Gallery by Olivia


Some Dingo Puzzles Especially for You!

Fancy a Dingo Find-a-Word to try your word skills? Here's a couple for starters. Hope you enjoy them! <Find-a-Word1> <Find-a-Word2> [When printing, make sure you set your printer to 'fit to page'!]

Dingo Drawings to Colour In

Here are some dingo drawings for you to colour in. Perhaps you might like to fill in a background as you visualise dingo families in the wild.

[The drawings are made available especially for our new website free of charge by our very good friend Phyllis Bruce. We ask that you respect her copyright and not publish them elsewhere without due acknowledgement of where they came from.]

Dingoes pouncing and playing

Adult dingoes minding pups

Olivia's Dingo Gallery

As one of the younger members of the Colong Colony's crew, Olivia has been busy taking and selecting some of her favourite photos especially for the Kidzone on the website. She hopes you enjoy them.

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