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You can use the form below to apply for ADCA membership or renewal. Only your name and email address are required, together with your choice of membership and agreement to abide by ADCA's constitution and rules. These are indicated by an asterisk. You only need to complete other personal contact details if applying as a new member or these have changed since you last renewed your membership. If you prefer, you can use the print version of the form and post it.

*Type of Membership

I agree to be bound by the Constitution, Rules and Code of Ethics and Practice of the Association

To avoid spam, please enter the access code as shown below before sending:

Family/Full membership $45
Pensioner/Student $30
Associate $20

If paying by cheque, please make it payable to ADCA Inc. and post to:

The Secretary
Australian Dingo Conservation Association Inc
PO Box 146

You can also pay by direct deposit [EFT]. We don't have Credit Card or BPay facilities. Our details are:

St George Bank Australia
Bathurst Branch NSW
BSB 112908
Account Name: ADCA Inc
Account Number: 043 883 544

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME in the description box when paying by electronic transfer so that it will appear on the ADCA bank statement and we know who it's from!

Associate and pensioner/student members receive copies of ADCA newsletters and can attend meetings but do not have voting rights.

The application for membership asks that you agree to be bound by the Constitution, Rules and Code of Ethics and Practice of the Association. A copy of the ADCA Constitution and Rules is available for download.